Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Todays to to list

Drive 1 hour in each direction to drop off new to me sewing machine for maintainance at only dealer in "area." Hope like hell that while I am out of cell phone service area, that 16 year old doesn't call from school nurses office to be picked up early-she really didn't look good when she left for the bus this morning.

Set out spell/poppet materials for full moon cleansing. Remarkable how I've been planning this one for a while, and all the materials arrived (except for the dried roses, which I harvested last summer) the day after Mercury went direct.

Research the proper glue for adhering gems to wood. The rose wand (not really related to project above) is almost ready for starting.

Read, study.

Clean house, pay bills (easily the least favorite part of any day!)

Business phone calls. (not much better than cleaning house)

Inside, WMT, Hermetic ritual.

Outside, Full Moon, eclipse, ritual (note, it will be very cold-dress appropriately)

Oh yeah, make dinner, over see homework, hope for some sleep, tonight.

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Belle said...

somedays I just want to be a Human Being, not a Human Doing....