Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week, I started rereading "Elements of Ritual" by Deborah Lipp. I first read it when the book was originally published, took from it what was useful to me at the time and hadn't looked at it since. I thought it was time for me to review the information, after all, if I have nothing to say publicly, I might as well read about the "hows and whys" of public ritual-it might spark an idea or two.

Today, I was asked to write and lead a public ritual.

Funny how things happen.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Seem to Have Lost My Voice

and I don't like it.
This is bothering me on several levels.
1.What if I have simply run out of things to say? Having just had
that 1/2 century birthday, this is not a minor concern.

2. Except in rare circumstances, middle-aged and elderly women tend to be ignored-regardless of the reason for my silence, I hate playing into the stereotype.

3. I hate the very idea of even the possibility of being

4. I've always taken pleasure and pride in having readers of this
blog-and of the relationships developed from it. But without anything to say, what is the point of the blog?
I've no idea whether this is a spiritual phase, a psychological phase, a magical one, or "merely" age. But it is bothering the crap out of me.
Full Moon Note: If you sit quietly in the dark and really listen, you can hear the fireflies opening and shutting their wings as they light, and fly. It is nearly possible to hear the patterns of light.