Friday, February 8, 2008

More on the otter night.

It was a very busy evening for seeing things. There was the otter, playing, which I am taking to be a specific message to me, especially after the household events of the previous 48 hours and the previous 12 months. But wait, there's more!

While doing the LRBP, I got to see, from directly above, someone else doing the LRBP. That person had longish, loose dark hair and was wearing a dark robe. So far, it could have been me. In fact, when I posted the question on a discussion board, that was the most common answer-that I was watching myself on the astral plane. Except, the person I was watching was using a sword, a large sword, and handling it quite easily. And, at least while I was viewing (and doing the ritual, myself, at the same time) I really got the impression that it was not me. There were no physical features, other than the hair, that I could see-I was looking straight down. I could not tell gender. I even asked DH, if, when he did the LRBP, he let loose his hair, thinking that maybe it was him. He said no. So, right now, I just don't know what, or who it was.

And, if that wasn't enough-at the closing of the ritual I cupped my hands, as part of a closing gesture-and my hands seemed to be filled with flame. The flame resembled the braided branches of one of those little bonsai palm trees. Each flame was succint and individual, but clearly braided to the others as well. The colors of the flames were white, green and red. They rose 4 or 5 inches above my hands where they sort of dissapated and turned to a white smoke. It felt warm and very very heavy. When I looked at my shadow on the wall, I could see nothing where the flames were, but very clearly, about 6 inches from the shadow of my hands, was the shadow of the smoke. So what was that all about?

If this was all supposed to be confirmation of my abilities and potential, thats lovely. Simple english prose would be lovelier, still.

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