Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some Strangeness

Not too long ago, I "met" a woman through one of the myriad elists that I am on. Through various posts, and private emails between the two of us, we have noticed some very strange parallels. We seem to be going through the same sort of traumatic emotional/religous/psycho-magical changes (although I think that mine started earlier-I hope for her sake, hers don't last as long as mine seem to have). We even received the same slap down from a Crone Goddess (but not the same Goddess). The odd thing is: we are not twinning-we are more like mirror images of each other, coming from opposite places, heading toward where the other started. Or maybe both of us headed toward some middle and same place? And, what does this all mean, other than it being helpful to have someone to bounce ideas and experiences off of? Or is that enough?

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