Saturday, March 28, 2009

Almost a Comment to Anonymous

I had read the post: To Anonymous-The Culture of Gods on Doing Magic ( ) and had thought to comment. Happily, though, Jow made many of my points for me. (who knew, prior to the internet that New Jersey could lay claim to the number of thinking magicians that we have?) So, if you haven't read Jows post, here is the link:

Gods are more that we, on this earth, on this plane can ever see, in their totality. That may be why the images of Gods and Goddesses undergo change over the millenia-they don't change, but maybe what humans can see or need to see, or are convinced to see, change.

I happen to disagree with the view of Tammuz/Damuzi as a God. Returning from the Underworld does not mean that you have achieved Godhood. In the case of Damuzi, he would not have left the land of Erishkigal without the help of his sister and the acquiescence of his wife. (of course, if he hadn't pissed off his wife in the first place, he wouldn't have needed help leaving the underworld...) But it may very well be that the victory over death and the ability to return from the underworld is a prerequisite of attaining Godhood.

But Jow is right about the hymns outlining the Courtship of Inanna and Damuzi-definitely material to work on with your loved one. Besides, I've yet to come across anything in the Homeric Hymns that come close to the lines where Inanna admires her own wondrous vulva.
(now why didn't I post some of that for Valentines Day?)

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Jow said...

Hee! I always said Damuzi should have mourned a bit more publically. He can still run the city in sack cloth ;)

One Interperetation I read was that Damuzi wasnt getting the Shamans call on his own, while Innana got the call loud and clear, thus he needed some "help" after ascending to Innanas duties after her departure for the underworld. In a way it was giving him an Initiation, and bringing him a little closer to Her level. My first reaction was He really pissed off His Lady Wife. He knew Her temper, and should have seen that comming! (Just a little joke, Damuzi!)

You do have a point about his sister. I always felt bad for her.

I think Damuzi is a really good early example of the Once and Future King cycle, Green Men, and Dying and Rising Gods in general. But He is really really.. human.. er.. animal.

To me, He's the God of the Hunt, and Livestock; so the hunter, the prey, and the wealth and nourishment of the community. Life feeds on Life, but always goes on. She's the Life that goes on, and He's the form that changes.

At least that's how I see them operating. ;)