Monday, March 23, 2009

Equinox and Spring

Interesting to think about-the Equinox is about balance, the even amount of light and dark. But it is also the entrance to a new season, in this case Spring. That isn't balance, that's forward motion. I have spent the last month trying to find my balance, to internalize the changes in my life. Now, I am ready for forward motion and action. The need for spring cleaning is strong. Not just housecleaning (although there is plenty of need for that!), but spring cleaning of me.
This past weekend, I had lunch with one of my blogging/Internet friends. I took a long drive on unfamiliar New Jersey highways (am I the only person in New Jersey who does not like to drive?) to have lunch with someone I had never met before. Potentially, the day could have been horrible. But it wasn't. Yes, I was on the road as long as I sat and chatted. Yes, prior to the drive, the idea of doing it scared the crap out of me, but that was one of the reasons that I did it. Lunch was lovely, we will do it again. And, I will make plans to meet and make real friendships out of my Internet relationships. Forward motion.
Its time to take my ritual outside and shake it like a rug to freshen it. Less time to sit and stare at a screen and more time for doing. Forward motion.
Once balance is dynamic and once achieved, if you don't do something with it, you have stasis.
Happy Spring (forward!) Anyone up for lunch?


Shehuntstoo said...

Godd for you!

mrsb said...

Doing something new, or something that scares you is so hard, but so worth it! Shakes things up, makes life exciting. Not to mention the power it gives you when you've done it.

I was so glad to meet you!