Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

The Spring cleaning continues. 2 yahoo groups unsubbed, and in fact 1 yahoo ID scrubbed. Counters and inside the drawers in the kitchen, scrubbing and cleaning is in process. The kitchen is also my workshop and laboratory, as well as the center of all the everyday life giving processes. Having it pristine (well, clean and non cluttered, at any rate) helps everything.

Yesterday, I started work on my Mars tincture. I am working my way through all of the "old" Planetary Powers, the better to internalize and utilize their influences. But Mar is the first one where as I was putting together the herb and the alcohol that it really hit me how much I needed this one. I am using dried ginger root and from the moment I started measuring it out to the time I sealed the jar, I had a sense of drive, of energy, of push, that I don't normally have. And once the jar was sealed and wrapped, I missed that feeling, for the rest of the day.

A year or so ago, when Mars was retrograde, I remember sitting in bed, crying, because I felt that I had "lost my fire." I don't feel that way now. But, oh, to feel the way I felt for that little while yesterday morning! On the other hand, knowing that there are people who feel like that all the time explains alot about the economic and political problems the world is facing. So rather than working to feel that way all the time, I will work on balance, a kinetic balance, perhaps, but balance, none the less.

I have also made arrangements to meet face to face with another person I've been emailing with. Perhaps she might not qualify as an entirely new friend, but having not spent any time with her for the last 30 years, ought to count for something!


mrsb said...

That's awesome! Have fun!

My Gal said...

I am so jealous. My house is a construction zone right now and it is driving my Taurus side just crazy. Hopefully after this weekend the lab/ kitchen will be tiled and CLEANING can proceed!