Thursday, April 30, 2009

If the words unspoken, get stuck in your throat...

I seem to have lost my voice. I had hoped to find it during/with my Mars spagyric project. But I am up to the calcination step, and my part of New Jersey is currently under a red flag/no open burn regulation. Much like my words, this is virtually unheard of in north west New Jersey in the Spring. Writing, difficult under the best of circumstances (my inner editor is very strict) is now almost impossible.


My Gal said...

While I suspect you have a very special way of calcinating your ash, I found that my oven was very useful. I burn everything else in there so it was sort of used to it. This time when the smoke alarm went off I had to tell the good Frater "no dinner is NOT done!"

May your issues be resolved soon, I look forward to hearing about your progress!

Lavanah said...

The reason for calcinating the ash outdoors is very simple-I use Everclear (190 proof) for my menstruum, and I have a gas fired oven. Having blown open the oven door back in my electric oven, fruitcake baked with 151 rum days, I can imagine only too clearly what the results of working in the kitchen can do!

It has rained at least a bit every day since I made this post-Tuesday evening I will try again, and perhaps also burn away some of the communication issues.