Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tree of Life Project

I started this before the trip to Florida. (I wish the pictures came out better, the pencil on paper is much darker and sharper than they look, here. Also, please excuse the erasure crumbles on the first picture). I found working on this to be really soothing-a sutra, a physical meditation. Before the trip, I had gotten as far as drawing all sephiroth, and the lowest 5 paths. Today, I finished the paths, and drew the interior circles for filling in information. When I get that far, I will also color them, and the paths in (I bought a nice, new, large and shiny box of colored pencils, just for this project). The paper is 14 inches, by 22 inches, and when I started, I thought that it was going to be BIG. But I am already thinking of doing this again (I can't wait to work on it, and dread finishing it), with even bigger paper and a bigger tree.

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