Friday, January 25, 2008

Back from Florida

And I am absolutely convinced that American-Christian death/funerial rites are among the cruelest events that I have ever participated in. My husbands grandmother died last Saturday. The family gathered on Sunday. Monday was spent making "arrangments. The "viewing" was Tuesday, which meant that we sat in a funeral home, with the body on display and hosted, while people came in and said "she looks so peaceful." Excuse me, she is dead-and pumped full of chemicals and fully made up! Plus she doesn't have to listen to all these inane comments-of course she looks peaceful! (in a more somber note-it was a long drawn out death, no matter what you believe comes afterwards-she is better off now than she was 2 weeks ago). Wednesday was the church service funeral, with luncheon to follow. Yesterday, we all flew north, to New Jersey. Today, another viewing and "small" service. and then the burial. (and meal for everyone who attends).

As all this was going on, and I was playing support staff and pit crew, I just kept repeating how grateful I was for Jewish death and mourning traditions.


Belle said...

They say the Christian tradition is for the living. I have no clue. Perhaps my Mother and siblings got comfort at my Father's wake and funeral. I sure didn't. There wasn't a thing about it that rang true to my beliefs.

I hope calm returns to the family soon.

Lavanah said...

Thank you. Being home is a wonderful thing. Life should return to whatever qualifies as "normal" for us, some time in the next few days-my mother in law will be up north (here) until Wednesday.

Lavanah said...
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