Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notes from a previous blog of mine...

Entry for January 22, 2007
We did another Past Lives Regression Trance in class tonight.
I haven't figured out any of this yet. But at least I got "something."
I don't know the where or the when of what I experienced. I was "me," though, and female. I was on my back floating in warm water, with the sun on my face. The water could have been a pond or a lake or a lagoon or a protected bay or inlet of the ocean, I don't know. But there were only tiny ripples in the water, ripples that I could see and hear and feel against me. The sun was hot against my face. The "beach" was very narrow, the grass came almost to the water, and there was a brown horse with black mane and tail running on the grass. I lay floating in the water calmly, but I felt that I was expecting something. The moon covered the sun in an eclipse, but it didn't surprise, startle or frighten me. I think that I was expecting it, and it satisfied me when it happened. When the sun was covered, my face got cool without the sunlight, but the water stayed warm. Then, the moon started to move away from the sun. At that point, Carter started taking us up out of the trance.

Entry for January 23, 2007
And more interesting, yet.
Last night I dreamed that I was in the same place that I visited in the trance, yesterday. (see yesterdays post) but I was walking in the grass. Still warm, still sunny. I came upon what I thought was a group of hunters, but they were about to hang a man from a tree. I objected. One of the men started to put another noose around my neck and prepared to throw the other end over another branch of the tree. For some reason, I wasn't frightened at all. Right before the man threw the rope over the tree branch we were rushed by wild pigs. I backed up against the trunk of the tree and stayed out of the way. The pigs chased the men off. And I couldn't tell you a thing about clothing or weaponry or anything else that might place this in time or space. Just no clue at all.

And, now for this year. Last night I had a dream (January 15, 2008, nearly a full year since the last 2 paragraphs occurred). I am standing infront of 2 people; (Gods?) and they are each astride large gold pigs. Nothing is said, but I feel that I am being told to pay attention.

Freyr and Freyja? Are the pigs that saved me in my dream of a year ago the boars that the Vanir rode into battle? Sacrifices to Odin were done by hanging, which I interferred with in the dream. What have I not been paying attention to, in the last year? (actually, I can think of a lot of stuff I haven't been paying attention to, in the last year)

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