Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Archangels do not like scripts

I am now working on chapter 3 of JM Greers "Learning Ritual Magic" which is where the LRBP is introduced (yes, I know I've been calling the Quarters and creating Circles for years, it is the same thing, and yet it is very different, trust me, Witchy Friends).

My first attempt was so clumsy that I embarrassed myself-and I was alone. (I had no trouble seeing the pentagrams or the line connecting them, but then, I've been doing that for years.) I finished that evenings ritual spacey and ungrounded in the extreme. I had nightmares all night. The Greer book says (at least in chapter 3) to do the LRBP once, every day, but every other source that I could lay eyes on, suggested doing it more often than that, so the next day, I did it twice. I found that I didn't need the script the second time, that day. I slept very well that night-with the sensation that I was sleeping within the ritual, itself.

My study partner (whom I know only via email. One day I will throw a party and invite all my email and internet associates, it should be a very interesting gathering!) was having similar visualization issues. He sent me a color chart, with the appropriate colors for each Archangel, to use as a visual aid. Alas, it didn't help me, and that mornings attempt was very nearly as clumsy as the first.

And then, yesterday. No script. No visual aid. No trying to create images in my head of celestial beings that do not call this plane home, nor exist in human bodies. After seeing the pentagram in the north connect with the one in the east, I closed my eyes. Lo and behold, as I called each name, I saw a flame spring into existence in each of the proper places. No special colors of attribution-just fire. I could even see Gabriel's fire behind me, behind my head, as if I had 360 degree vision. My first reaction was a sense of awe, such as I have not felt in a year (and those of you who know me, know what kind of year I've had). And after the closing gestures, awe and glee. (and relief from the intense questioning of my own abilities for the first time in a long while, too).


Belle said...

I should never have listened to the Penczak audio of the LBRP .. I can't shake it.

I am happy viewing the Angels as Air..

It's great that it is sinking in though, and you are seeing the results. You sound lighter and happier.

BTW, if I can sign in, does this mean I Have a Blogger account ?

Lavanah said...

I think that it just means that you have a gmail account.

Belle said...

no, I just found out.. And sorry to off topic on Your blog entry, but if I click on my name as it's displayed here.. it takes me to the account info I never finished setting up. Hmm. Well maybe someday !
oh and the word thingies they have you put in for verification are really odd if you sound them out !
lol ..