Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Sumptuary laws would have gotten me for sure

The gold and royal blue brocade surcoat (more properly, a Giornea), mostly finished. I added a storm grey silk collar, since the brocade can be itchy. I may place a few tucks near the waist, or do something with the front, in order to show off more of the undergown. (I don't like the way the front corner hem turns back and shows up under the back hem.) But I am putting aside the Ooh Shiny project for now. I have more astrology charts to do.


Susanne Iles said... breathtaking!!!!!

Lavanah said...

Thank you.

Laura said...

That is so beautiful!

My Gal said...

That is gorgeous. We must build you a small sumptuary purse with the appropriate fine inside (actually period and historical) because you KNEW it was too cool for school :)

I put heavy findings and jewels on the bottoms of the underskirts. That way gravity holds that baby down for you. Well that and it a bright and shiny bit :)

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Lavanah said...

Thank you, thank you.

Actually, My Gal, the brocade is lighter than the underdress. But I like the idea of putting jewels and findings at the bottom of the giornea-a new project to look forward to after doing another couple of charts...