Wednesday, May 5, 2010

postscript to last night.

Clearly, I was a little loopy last night, with the last blog post. Salamanders were not the point of the evening, although they were among the guests. I wouldn't have minded more two legged guests, a drummer or two perhaps, and people to dance with. There should have been more people than just me dancing around the fire. Eventually, there was another. He was always on the far side of the flames from me, keeping time. I could feel his presence more clearly than I could see him, but he was there.

I did not sleep restfully afterwards. There were many, many dreams. One was a warning? Or an explanation of what was possibly to come? Others were just strange. Former President Carter hacking a Star Wars computer game?

The first bird sounds of the morning came a little before 5am. I got out of bed and went back outside. Near the rose bush by the kitchen door, I knelt down and rinsed my face with the morning dew that had collected on the grass. I said "good morning" to my daughter, who was awake for the day by then. I went back to bed. Finally, I slept well.

(The picture at the top is not a rose, it is one of the peonies. The roses will start blooming next month.)

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