Friday, May 28, 2010

Some things I don't understand at the moment

but with a little more time and work, I might.

Things experienced in the circle last night. Large ornamental koi, a crab, seafoam and a red dragon that swims as well as being able to fly. What does any of this have to do with a full moon in Saggittarius?

Dreams experienced after the ritual last night-about books and authors. One dream had me reading a book that was itself a list of books recommended. The book was written by someone I know (whom, to my best knowledge has not written any books), and the books most highly recommended were all on the subject of seidr (again, to my best knowledge, not something this person has experience with) and written by women. A second dream had another acquaintance (who has written books) as a long term family friend of the people who live across the street from me. They were surprised to hear that I knew him. He was coming to live with them and eventually buy their house. (hmm, the house in question is actually waterfront...)

And, something else, while I am discussing things not currently understood...

Something else I don't really understand-the current blogosphere issue of Christianity/Jesus/Christ/belief/Golden Dawn/etc. etc. etc. Christianity is/has become a "universal" religion. Thus, it must absorb and incorporate, like the Borg, all that has come before it. Anything that will not, or cannot be absorbed is thus in conflict with it. (btw, Christianity is not the only religion with this stance.) Thus, the hermeticism that has become the basis for most Western magical systems. But, if your basis (religion, code, ethics, whatever) is tribal, racial (in the modern world, a very ugly term), or in any other way non-universal, you have a far easier time shrugging off the "other" as simply that. Other.

I am not confused in what and how I believe, I just don't really care if anyone else agrees with me. I also have no ego issues with saying "I don't know."

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Rufus Opus said...

I was afraid my post may be offensive, but I was trying to help. And not aimed at you, just anyone who needed a nudge. As Patrick pointed out, most of my sources were pagans. :D