Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What I Saw

(leaving the girlie subject matter for a bit..)

Last night, I went somewhere and saw things, in meditation, something that hadn't happened in a little while. Now, of course, I have to figure out what it means.

First. A huge cube, far away, in dark space, a sense of forever-ness in that space. Even before I fully registered what I was looking at, my reaction was "oh, how beautiful!" The cube was gold, and from the perspective that I was looking from, it was balanced on a point, rather than on a face or edge. The cube was slowly rotating on its point (in the vision, the word graceful came to mind). Around the "waist" of the cube, that is, the edges, was a diaphanous veil, floating around it, also gold. If the cube was a dancer, the veil was the dancers scarf. It stayed in place around the rotating cube, sort of undulating.

One thing comes to mind, immediately. I've just started a chapter in my textbook that deals with the Sephirah Tifaret, so "gold," "beautiful," and "graceful" all make sense. But, why a cube? And why does it have a scarf? Or move on its point?

Second, and later on I saw also on this same dark space an oval field of stars. Only now, I wish that I had counted how many stars made up the oval, I think it might have been significant, but I didn't. In the center of the oval was a rabbit. A dark colored rabbit, with very brightly shining dark eyes. It was sitting up at attention, ears erect, staring at me with interest. The space around it and the stars was so dark, that even though the rabbit was darkly colored, it showed up clearly.

Obviously, rabbits have a personal significance for me. But I wonder if this rabbit has further meaning. I wonder if there is some sort of "encyclopedia of hermetic symbolism?" I shall have to find out.

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