Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mah Nishtanah Haleila Hazeh...

(yes, I know transliteration is pretty ugly)

Because tonight, after 8 nights of matzoh, matzoh products and the occasional potato, we had pasta for dinner!

Which brings up the one very important question that never gets asked at the seder. Why is it always so much faster and easier to put away the Passover stuff and bring out the everyday stuff, than it is to set up for Passover? old joke.

King Arthur is reviewing his knights. A long row of battle ready men, with their armor agleam. He really is pleased by the sight of the shiny armor, the sharp swords, the colorful shields, the well groomed horses. Then, he comes to the last man in the line. He is slumping, the armor rusty and dented, the shield dirty, the horse uncurried. King Arthur looks at the knight, looks back at the row of well prepared and attractively dressed knights and says...................................

Mah Nishtanah Haleila Hazeh?

ok, so maybe you need to be a 12 year old, seemingly imprisoned in hebrew school on a gorgeous day to find that funny.

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