Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching Up

The Bar Mitzvah was this past Saturday, and a good time was had by all, but I have to say, this getting old business is really crappy! It took me 2 whole days to recuperate. And I wasn't even drinking (much). I just don't remember my quads aching for 48 hours after a night of dancing. Oh well, it was worth it, and then some, just to have family to dance with. And, while it seems that almost none of the men in the family dance, all the women (with the exception of the 16 year old) do.

DH did really well with the hebrew in the aliya. In fact, he did better than the paternal grandfather of the Bar Mitzvah boy.

Taxes are done, and out. Financial aid info package is being assembled. Mirror spell done.

The house is very nearly devoid of food. I never really figure out how to deal with the week before Passover. On the one hand, all the non Passover food has to be out of the house by early Saturday. On the other hand, I hate the idea of throwing anything away. So we have been eating some very strange meals as the cabinets empty.

Studying is continuing. And, it is really very nice to have DFM come over once a week to talk to about the Greer curriculum.

The pea plants have sprouted. The rhubarb is coming up, too. I think that later this week, I will plant the spinach and the lettuce.

And the cube and the rabbit in the oval of stars? I am still working on it, but I think that there may also be some relationship to The World tarot card. As I said, I am still working on it.


Shehuntstoo said...

I am so glad you had a good time!!

Rhubarb!! oh...yumm...with strawberries :)

Lavanah said...

Funny, that is the combination most people think of; rhubarb and strawberries. But I don't like them together, although I love each one separately. I will see if I can get some pictures, later today.