Sunday, March 23, 2008

Suns Day

And so, having ritually assured fertility and fecundity for the year, (see previous post-that's all the details available on the web!) the dirty work of assuring the same, began today. Dirty, as in dirt and soil. And the yearly race between necessary garden chores and the onset of spring allergies begins. The day was sunny and warm, and a couple of hours, mid afternoon resulted in one garden bed ready for planting, and one asparagus bed, cleaned weeded and composted. Weather permitting, I will plant the peas on Tuesday. They should have gotten planted during the waxing moon, but I wasn't able to get the garden prep done in time. So they will get planted before the solar noon hour on Tuesday, instead. I still need to get the spinach and lettuce seeds for that garden, but they won't get planted for another month, so there isn't that much rush. But the peas like it cold.

The tomato plants are ordered, but they won't arrive until May, so I have some time for the second garden bed. In the meantime, I will clean, weed and compost the second asparagus bed, and the rubarb bed, and thin the raspberry and blackberry canes. At some point, I will also plant cucumbers and carrots and winter squash. And, then, come fall, I will plant another crop of peas and spinach. I am always enthusiastic about the gardens at this time of year. But, after doing the grocery shopping last week, and reading the business section of todays NY Times, I think that I am even more "business-like" in my enthusiasm. And, I haven't even started on the herb beds...

I also placed another few feet of rocks along the outside edge of the circle. I will have to get DH to take another photogragh of it. Because of his height (compared to mine) he can get much better pictures of the whole thing from our bedroom window.

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