Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Have I mentioned that of all the work involved in the JM Greer Ritual Magic book, this may be my favorite part? I am a very tactile or kinesthetic learner. I need to DO something with information to "get" it. (I just wish I could photograph it a little better). Chokmah is grey, with black lettering. Binah was a little more difficult (as you might expect). White pencil over black pencil just didn't show up. A silver paint marker worked better, although I wish the point were finer. I did find that coloring the black pencil over the silver paint, which had been put on over the first layer of black pencil, did let the lettering show up better.

I am having a bit of trouble with the Tarot 3's. My text book wants me to take each card, one at a time, and meditate on the card, the sephira, the kabbalistic world, the element, direction and season, and just write down everything that comes to me. And, from that list, come up with my own key word for the card. The Aces-no problem, nor was there an issue with the twos. Today's 3 of Cups wasn't much of a problem. But Pentacles and Swords? Very hard.

The other interesting thing about where I am in my studying, is that the subject of Binah has been prevalent (without my input) on one of my discussion groups. Here is a link to another blog with a very useful post on Binah:

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