Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Door

and its almost enough to make me turn to mysticism.

Last night, mid evening ritual, I settled down to meditate. The subject I chose was the Equinox and the turning from one year to the next, since the sun would change signs late at night (or early this morning). I desired to see something of my path. Almost before I was comfortably in position, I saw a huge pillared doorway.

The pillars were white, with details picked out in gold, with a very simple lintel at the top. They were huge, as was the space between them, but at the same time, the door felt intimate, familiar. The space was huge, reaching up nearly forever, and yet, at the same time, I didn't feel belittled, or engulfed by it. I was as large as it was, or standing small, in wonder. Through, and beyond the pillars was the most beautiful azure blue, with gold light, streaming through the blue, and reaching through the pillars. I knew that I had stood at these pillars, before, but as I stepped between them, I also knew that I had never gone through them before. There was no doorstep. As I passed through the opening, I was swept up in a great sense of joy and elation , although now, I have no idea what was on the other side.

Later on, I tried to see more, more of that place beyond the pillars, more of the path that is at my feet. There was nothing more to see. But I did feel a voice (or a Voice?) tell me that the time to dance had come again. And, if anything a feeling of giddiness was added to the joy and elation that I was still (and the next day still) feeling.

Afterwards, I drew my evening tarot card-The High Priestess. Although the pillars in the card are black and white, and the ones that I walked through, both white, were they otherwise the same? The mystic in me, says "yes." The sceptic, who is also mage, says "possibly." Either way, I have come through a year of darkness of soul, of death of beliefs and positions, and have come to a time to dance. Joy.

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