Thursday, March 27, 2008

I wonder what the odds are?

Every night, as part of my evening ritual I draw a tarot card. I use the whole deck, not just the major arcana. Sometimes I get the idea that the card closely relates to my day or issues that I am dealing with, sometimes it an opportunity to learn a little more about the card.

Two nights ago, I drew key 2, The High Priestess. Last night, I drew The High Priestess. (yes, the deck was well shuffled, in fact, in was used during the day). Today, for the hel of it, I went to the Tarot of Color website ( and drew a card-The High Priestess. And, I received an offer (as I do, nearly daily) from for a reading (tarology, in this case), and the card? The High Priestess.

Clearly the odds are against this sort of thing. The question is: is the message the obvious one, or hidden? The card stands alone, do I take into account meanings reversed or ill dignified?

(from Tarot of Color )
The High Priestess
Number: 2Card Title: The High Priestess Esoteric Title: The Princess of the Silver Star Astrological Attribution: Moon Elemental Attribution: Water (cold, wet)Dates & Timing: 28 Days Hebrew Letter: Gimel Camel 3Color: Blue Intelligence: Uniting Intelligence Esoteric Function: Peace & War Qabalistic Path: Path 13: 1 Kether to 6 Tipareth Translation of Path: The Crown of Beauty
Keywords: Intuitive, Deep, Secretive, keeper for hidden sacred knowledge. Related to the Moon. Keep your own council.
Ill-Dignified: Shallow, Superficial, Manipulative, Moody, Unapproachable, selfish, secretive, seduction, Controlling, Conceit, Ruthless, Jealousy, Hostile, Ignorance, Shortsightedness, Acceptance of Superficial Knowledge, Improper judgment.Categories: ( Uncategorized )

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