Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Craft and Magic

I just received an email notice of a great sale from The Earth Bazaar. They sell gemstone beads at wholesale prices, although you do not need to buy in wholesale amounts. So, if you are interested in making jewelry for yourself or as a gift, or if you need a specific stone (or stones) for magic work, you may want to take a look. But make sure that you have plenty of time, the sales pages run 41 pages of just the gemstones, from Agate to Unakite. After that, comes pages of manmade stones, and then silver, gold and copper beads and findings. I've purchased from The Earth Bazaar, before, they are reputable and easy to deal with. Here is the link, have fun!



My Gal said...

OMG! 49 pages of drool. The good Frater may never know what hit him or more specifically his wallet. "But Honey is was on SALE..." it has been my battle cry many a year! Thank you for the bright and sparkley bits!

Lavanah said...

(smile)just remind yourself and him that he wants you to be happy. This is where I got the emerald beads for the venus talisman that I made last spring, so I suppose you could use the excuse that you are just collecting supplies while they are priced well?