Friday, December 19, 2008

Making hay while the sun shines

Or, more accurately, making cookies and soup, while the snow flies.

Today is the last day of DH’s vacation and we had been planning on going into NYC for the day. It would have been a counterpoint to our day in the city last week, when we saw “Equus” and ate Turkish food in a restaurant that he is a frequenter of. It took DH nearly a week to admit that “Equus” wasn’t exactly hot date material. (To say that we have differing views on entertainment is to tread lightly-when we saw the Martin Scorsese film “The Age of Innocence” he really thought it had a happy ending, because the main character in a final voice over stated that in the end it was a good thing that he hadn’t left his wife for the Countess Oleska, because his wife was good, respectable and faithful and had died nursing one of their sons through a disease. High romance, no?)

Anyway, we had intended to see Worshiping Women: Ritual and Reality in Classical Athens at the Onassis Cultural Center ( and then, head uptown to the Metropolitan Museum to see Beyond Babylon: Art, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Second Millennium B.C. and maybe, if our feet held up, Art and Love in Renaissance Italy ( At some point, we would have stopped to get something to eat (I admit to being partial to the Petrie Court Café at the Met, behind the Petrie sculpture hall.). But, we hadn’t counted on the snow.

So, instead, I made chicken soup with matzoh balls for dinner. Or actually since when I make chicken soup it is a three or four day project, I finished making the chicken soup. And, I baked mandelbrodt, which is one of those traditional Chanukah foods (think of something halfway between shortbread and biscotti). Weather wise, it was certainly a better day for baking and cooking than traipsing into Manhattan. The house smells “homey” and the kitchen is warm and steamy from the soup. It would have been an entirely satisfying day but for the fact that I had planned to be somewhere else (and someone else). Oh well. At least we shall dine well.


mrsb said...

Oh, sounds so yummy! I'm roasting a turkey for the solstice, and can barely wait to make broth and soup with the leftovers! Nothing is better than homemade soup.

Shehuntstoo said...

to me, both days sound yummy

Lavanah said...

home made soup on a day like today is pretty close to perfection, I think. And home made cookies? Dangerous (I like my own baking and cooking).

For the solstice, I will make a brioche shaped like the sun. I'm not sure about what else, though.

Heather? What do you do with the venison in your freezer?

Inanna said...

Oh, what and where is the Turkish restaurant? Do you recommend it?

I would've loved to do that museum tour with you all, too, but there's no way I could do all that schlepping right now. (And then there's the snow...)

Lavanah said...

Inanna, you will be doing plenty of schlepping over the next few years. The advantage of the exhibits at the Onassis Center is that they are very small-with the baby in a snugli kind of carrier, you shouldn't have a problem. And it isn't far from the Turkish restaurant (although I don't know if I would mention that in the Onassis Center!) Yes, I highly recommend the restaurant. It is called Akdeniz, at 19 W 46th St, between 5th and 6th avenues (on the north side of the street).

Was the snow bad in the city? My daughter didn't seem to realize that it was an issue ('course was you are 21 and fit, few things are!)