Friday, May 23, 2008

Updates on my studies of ritual magic

I am now at the point in the Greer book, where, in addition to new work, I start reviewing all that has come before. And, the first thing that I’ve noticed is how I’ve been eased into the volume of work. I’ve been trying to keep my notebook to one page per day. In the beginning, I would have a few lines or a paragraph of notes, but the pages would be mostly blank. Now, I can only keep to the single page per day idea if I write in very, very small print, and I sometimes end up with 2 lines of handwriting per printed line in the note book. For ease of reading what I have done, I may have to go to two pages per day, although for some reason, I really don’t want to do that.

The curriculum has eased me into the subject, in other ways, as well. Being more interested in thaumaturgy than theurgy, AND not coming from a Christian background (whatever the protests about the use of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters, the religious background of Israel Regardie…due to the religious background and the society from which they sprung, the men, and yes it was primarily men, who formed the background and backbone of the WMT, formed a tradition that appears Christian-at least from the outside), to start with a textbook that leaves out most of the “also used as religious symbols” stuff was a helpful “in.”

(Despite how “Jewish” I appear in many of my posts, I sincerely doubt that most Rabbis would consider me, and my observances to be “Jewish.” Certainly not rabbinically Jewish. But, as my Great-Grandmother said “what has that got to do with it?" see: )

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