Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garden Blogging

The tree peonies and the wisteria are in bloom. The korean lilac is just beginning to have its flower buds open. The peas seem to have decided that they will be recumbant this year-no matter what I do to try to convince them to climb all those nice supports I've given them, they seem to want to crawl along the ground. The spinach and the lettuce have real leaves and I can finally tell them apart from the weeds-time to plant another row of each! The tomatoes will go into the garden tomorrow. The spearmint has escaped from the narrow bed where it was planted, into the lawn, where it is doing battle with the oregano that naturalized in the lawn a few years back-making for a very interesting combination of scents when the lawn is mowed. And finally, all our new, little trees seem to have taken. Those trees were the earth day project for DH and me. We planted 50 Canadian hemlocks in one day-a personal record for us. I'd love to post a current picture of the circle. (I will have to get DH to take a new picture, since his height is required to get the right angle.)

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