Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And, an actual New Years resolution

I am giving up using Google Reader. It has allowed me to become rather promiscuous in subscribing to blogs. I find that when I read from the Reader page, I go from new blog post to new blog post, without ever visiting the actual blog sites. It has become the only way to keep up with all the places that I had become subscribed to. As a result, I was reading quickly to get to the next blog and I wasn't leaving comments, even at places where I had something to say. Since it is community and human relationships that are important to me, and Reader was getting in the way of my participating in conversations and community, Reader has to go. And so, it has.


Penny said...

It is an easy thing to fall into now, isn't it?


Lavanah said...

Oh, it definitely is!

The Scribbler said...

Oddly, even though I use Google Reader to alert me to the fact that people have posted on their blogs, I almost never read postings in the reader itself, nearly always opting to click on the link that takes me to their blog. I figure if someone designed a blog, that's the visual context they wish me to read their writing in, so I respect that. And -- as you can see -- I DO comment.

My issue is that it's entirely too easy to add another subscription. I think it's time to weed a few out of mine. But which ones? They're all so unique and lovable.

Rufus Opus said...

I'm with scrib. I hate the reader. I have the widget on my iGoogle page as a short cut to see what's new on people's blogs, and sometimes I'll go to the reader page, but if there's something that I need to say, I open the blog and write comments. There's a link to the blog in reader, and the specific post.

You can't handle yer technology, I reckon. ;)

Lavanah said...

Nope, pure luddite, here. Except of course when technology makes MY life better. :)