Friday, April 16, 2010

Q&A # 1

"Okay, question for you AND for your followers: is east or south Fire for you in your workings, and why?"

I tend to do things in a rather traditional manner, even if my way of getting there is less than academic and always specific to where I am.

East is Air, the first breath drawn, the coloring of the clouds at dawn, the ruffling of birds feathers (diurnal birds, at least) as they awaken.

South is Fire, far less poetic, but is the force that compels me to close the window blinds on that side of the house in the summer.

West is Water; in that direction is the largest part of the lake that I live next to, and is the direction that the streams that feed the lake flow.

North is Earth, while there are hills and small mountains surrounding the lake area, the closest tall land is to the north. It is also, interestingly enough, the direction that feels "cozy" to me. Whether that is because earth itself has a cozy feel or because winter and winter weather causes me to seek out and create a sense of coziness, I haven't completely teased out.

I am of firm belief that the attributions of Element and Direction should fit your location-if I lived on the Atlantic (while still being on the North American continent) I would be very surprised if I didn't feel that Water was East.

As for my followers, I am taking the position that the question refers to the followers/readers of my blog (as far as I am aware, I have no followers/acolytes. If I do, I could use a hand with the weeding in the garden). Anyone reading is welcome to leave their answers as comments to this post, I will certainly publish them.


Servitor Lucem said...

Depends. For Pentagram workings, directions as you have them, for Hexagrams, East = Fire, South = Earth, West = Air, and North = Water.

Owlthena said...

I use to go with the way I had read in most books ,but I noticed that at least for me it didn't make since. Then I read Mike nikols essay on rethinking the watchtowers and I agree wholeheartedly with what he wrote. North winter, darkness and the cold cold wind is what is most noticeable about that direction.
the vertical north-south axis masculine (with air and
fire), while the horizontal east-west axis is feminine (earth and water). The pentacle representing earth,is placed in the east the chalice, symbolizing water, is placed in the west. They form the horizontal feminine axis. The phallic-shaped wand, representing fire, is placed in the south. And the phallic-shaped athame is placed in the north. They form the vertical masculine axis.
This makes logical sense to me. East,spring,renewal and the earth waking up is what is most noticeable for me. South Summer , heat fire, West Autumn, rains and storms from that direction is what is most noticeable for me from that direction.
The astrological year is divided into four equal quadrants,the winter solstice (north) is governed by air, which rules 15degrees Aquarius, symbolized by the Man or Spirit. The second quadrant, beginning at the spring equinox (east) is governed by
earth, which rules 15 degrees Taurus, the Bull. The third
quadrant, beginning at the summer solstice (south) is governed by fire, which rules 15 degree scorpio, Leo the Lion. And the fourth quadrant, beginning at the fall equinox (west) is governed by
water, which rules 15 degrees Scorpio, here symbolized by the
Eagle. All these things just makes more logical sense to me.For what it is worth.
blessings to ya

Niall MacShiúrtáin said...

Hey Lavanah, I ended up posting on this as I suspected I would have a ramble on the matter myself...

PS. shall be looking for me P45 so... ;)

Lavanah said...

Actually, Niall, Sweetie, I believe you are next up in the queue. :-)