Thursday, April 29, 2010

(almost) First of May

Whether it is Beltane, Walpurgis or May Day to you;

May it be a Day/Night of appropriate joy and fear.

And if it is merely May 1

may you enjoy this:

(lyrics not work or young child appropriate)
(Thank you, Frater POS at Doing Magick and Jack Faust at Dionysian Atavism for the inspiration)


Rufus Opus said...

Is that an asaparagus in your pocket?

The Scribbler said...

That is one awesome... er... stalk of asparagus you got there in your hand.

OK. Does Jack think I'm immature now? I mean, the fact is that I'm quite fond of, um, asparagus. I hold it in high reverence. Even if one that big brings a special smile to my face. You are obviously very blessed.

(By the way: the Word Verification I have to type now to post this comment is "cendic". Coincidence?)

Gordon said...

That is easily one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life.

Good to see asparagus is featuring in other folk's Beltane festivities. Because it rocks. Man, I love this time of year.

Lavanah said...

Purple asparagus from my garden. What else would be in a witches garden this time of year? (actually, last year, I think I posted a picture of the rhubarb-very similar growth habit).

And, yes, I am glad to see you all.

The Scribbler said...

Wow! To get it THAT big, you must have been feeding it some of RO's bullshit. ;-)

Niall MacShiúrtáin said...

Happy May1 (in whatever incarnation of the day you prefer)! Isn't asparagus the one that allowed Austin Powers to pee for a solid week? :O

David said...

That's so funny!