Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Girly for a Moment

Or, as another blogger (an author, no less) said: SQUEEEEEEEE!

I have flowers, cut flowers, in a vase, sitting on my kitchen table. This makes me very happy. It is my/our wedding anniversary, and DH sent me flowers. In a life where most things are measured by functionality, as well as beauty (at least until we get the second child through the college tuition years), a gift of flowers at the end of November has no functionality at all, except to make me happy. Which, it does.

Because our anniversary is on a Monday this year (24 years of being recognized by the government; in the spring, it will be 29 years since we recognized each other), we won’t be doing a lot today. We exchanged cards this morning, and then bled the radiators, since they were noisy-love isn’t the only thing that is supposed to be hot! DH went to work, and I went to see a client. As DH won’t be home until around 11pm, any other publicly announced festivities (such as might be mentioned here) will happen some other day. Next month, we will see Equus, starring Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe.

But, in the meantime, I have flowers on my table and a silly grin on my face.

(perhaps another reason for the girlyness of the post is that analyzed this blog and decided that “"We guess is written by a man (59%), however it's quite gender neutral." And, while I certainly have nothing against men, I did marry one, after all, I am not one, myself.)


mrsb said...

Happy anniversary!

And I am so jealous that you are going to see Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway!

Lavanah said...

Thank you, thank you. And, may yours be happy, as well.

I think this may be the first Broadway play for us in 15 years? Maybe longer. damn responsible middle class lifestyle...

(funny how none of the happily ever after fairy tales never talk about cold radiators or getting kids off to school on dark November mornings.)

My Gal said...

Anything that gives you that much joy does indeed have a functional purpose. If nothing else, bright and shiny flowers in the snowy parts of the year, can make us remember that spring will indeed come :)

What a wonderfully romantic thing to do for someone you love :) Happy anniversary and may you two have many many glorious years wedded bliss before you!