Friday, November 21, 2008

Because clearly, reading 4 books at once isn't enough

(and it was only four, because I finished “Interesting Times” by Terry Pratchett, earlier today), this arrived for me today. List price $125, but between coupons, DH’s BN membership and gift certificates I’ve earned answering internet polls, it ended up only costing me $17. It also cost me most of the rest of my day, just browsing through it. It’s a big book, certainly per pound as well as per word (per footnote, too, its pretty scholarly) the best book deal I’ve made. My poor mailman, who is waiting to have knee replacement surgery, may never forgive me.


My Gal said...

That looks absolutely incredible. I will attempt to contain my questions until you have come up for air. Oooooh that is tasty!

mrsb said...

Wow, what a great deal on the book! I LOVE when things work out like that!