Friday, October 17, 2008

October Full Moon

Normally, when I go out to do Moon work, I use wand and orb (and possibly other tools, depending on the work-but as long as I have the footing to dance, I'm happy). I will use either a quartz crystal ball at the full moon or a jet ball at the dark. However, this month I used the lulav and esrog, instead. I was very pleased with the way it worked. A pity that it is a once a year thing, only.
But, oh, the scent of the esrog is intoxicating! Its sitting in a little dish next to the computer right now, so I can continue to enjoy it.

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mrsb said...

Hi! You won the Hecate Art Card from my blog!

Shoot me an email with your info so I can get the donor to ship to you :O)

mrsbbradley AT hotmail DOT com