Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, the Cross Quarter Day, and a New Responsibility

Happy Halloween, tonight will be Jack O'Lanterns and kids in costumes and candy, candy candy! This is the first year in a very long time that DH will have to be at work during the trick or treating hours-no leaping out the door and nearly scaring the kids off the porch for him, this year. Just the witch, in the witch house. Yes, last year, I actually heard a parent tell their child, while pointing at our porch, "why don't we stop at the witch house?" Just so long as you don't steal the enchanted lettuce from the herb garden, kid. Cackle, cackle.

More seriously, though, Halloween is tonight. The working with the tides and energies of the astrological cross quarter will be next week. But the tides are flowing, I can feel them.

Last night, I paid a shiva call (also known as a condolence call). The deceased was the mother of someone I've known casually for about 20 years. Looking at the people gathered, I came to the realization that somehow, I've become one of the elders in this community. Now how did that happen?

I was approached by another woman, who acknowledged how long I've been a part of this community. She asked "are you afraid of dying?" I said "no." "are you afraid of dead bodies?" Again, my answer was "no." She then asked if I would be willing to join a committee (for lack of a better word) that ritually cleans, blesses and prepares the newly dead for burial. I pointed out that my beliefs were far from standard (much less orthodox) and she smiled and said that everyone was aware of that! But that I also had all the requisite skills and abilities to do the honors properly.

Being asked to help my sisters move to the next phase of existence? And, being asked at this time of year? There was never a chance that I would turn down such an honor.

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Wow! Uber congratulations.