Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Occasionally, the "oh so cool" factor

is the best part of being a reiki healer. Today, I saw a client who was highly stressed. Her only child was going over seas for a semester away. They had spent the holiday weekend getting everything ready for teenager to go. The December holidays were looming over the household. She had business concerns. My client was not sleeping well.

It took most of the first half of the session for her breathing to slow and regularlize, but it did. When she turned over, so I could work on her back, I placed my hands on her head, and silently suggested that she might want to sleep. She did. Deeply, too. It seems that she had forgotten to turn the ringer off on the phone in the room. Not long after I knew she was asleep, the phone rang. And rang. Eventually, the answering machine picked up, but not before the dogs started barking because they knew she was home and not answering the phone. There wasn't even a hitch in the breathing of my client.

Later, when I woke her, she was incredulous that the phone had rung, but since the message light was blinking, she knew it to be true. She looked and told me that she felt much better and was amazed that she had slept through the phonecall. I just thought it so cool that I could facilitate this.

Of course, I really like getting paid, too. (yes, she did pay me! and she made another appointment)

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