Sunday, June 16, 2013

In the famed words of Monty Python...

I'm not dead yet. 

But with the looming death of google reader, I suspect that I might as well be, even should I decide once again to write.

Should these be my last words, I will leave you with these:

Magic works, dammit.  Just do it.  Practice it.  Live with it.  Reading about it, studying about it, chatting about it all have their places, but the proof is in the practical pudding. 

Get busy and do it!


Rose Weaver said...


Luna Starshine said...

I use Bloglovin to replace google reader. It's a nice alternative.

Mary W said...

They're showing lots of replacements for google reader. Trust me, your subscribers will find you again. I just found you through feedly to add you to my feed list.