Friday, December 3, 2010

Yesterday, after a business meeting, I was called "machiavellian" in my behavior. Since I had been acting in good faith, at first my feelings were hurt.

And then I started thinking:

This guy has given me a big clue to his thought processes. I could use this.


Vienne said...

One thing that jerks all too seldom realize, but that is a huge break for the rest of us, is that their outrageous behavior immediately clues us in to their true nature. Congratulations to you for seeing right through this person.

Now, if you want to work with him or her, let him or her out-Machiavelli you. If not, win whenever you can.

Machiavellian, isn't it?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

You got to love those people who accuse you of being what they are.

The Professor said...

And thought is in no way Machiavellian. :)

Penny said...

I suppose you can take it in a number of ways. He is being a weenie who hates the fact you are a strong woman and maybe thinks he will make you feel guilty for it. At the same time, what is wrong with being a bit machiavellian in a world taken over by testosterone. Definitely use it to your advantage!