Saturday, December 26, 2009


3 dreams clearly remembered, but I do not remember the order in which I experienced them.

With a huge rake, reminiscent of a 19th century pastoral painting, I am raking up a harvest of green beans? squash? (the imagery isn't clear) from the side of my garden. As I rake, I see mice, tiny and curled up and sleeping under and among the vegetables. It doesn't appear that they have done the vegetables any harm and as I rake, they wake up and run off.

Leaving a school building where I had no business being a student, apparently it being a (very media image, castle like) school of magic. As I walk away from the building, I am knifed, from throat to stomach by one of the students, and while seriously weakened, I do not die. He, who attacked me, though, takes poison and collapses, dying in my lap. This person was someone whom I had attended junior high school and high school with.

A dream of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Rachel, most likely inspired by R. Crumbs "Illustrated Book of Genesis," which I received as a gift yesterday. In the dream, I am both Rachel and an omniscient viewer. Sarah and Rachel are urging Abraham and Isaac away from something/someplace, but Abraham and Isaac are reluctant. The women are also concerned because Abraham is senile and physically weak. None the less, the women cannot leave him behind. He is concerned with walls, and when encouraged by Rachel that there will be safe walls where they are going, he stops to play with rocks in the roadway.


The Scribbler said...

The classic Dreamwork question regarding your second dream would be: what kind of qualities do you associate with the former classmate in the dream? What kind of person was he? What are his initials. Do those initials mean anything to you?

Other questions to explore? For what reason did you feel you had no business being at that school? Do you recall the knife? What did it look like? Do you have any feeling for what the attacker's motivations were? How did you feel about him dying in your lap? It's conspicuous that you don't talk about feelings, but only events. How did you FEEL about the events? What do you think happened after the dream.

Just giving you ideas to work with.

By the way: the R. Crumb book sounds way cool. Once I went to a house party in Davis, CA, and there was a jazz quartet playing in the living room. Someone pointed out to me that one of the musicians (I don't recall what instrument he was playing) was R. Crumb.

Lavanah said...

The main reason that I didn't relay any of my feelings during or about the dreams is because I wanted to get the dreams down in words before I forgot them.

I use your suggestions in thinking about what the dreams might mean.

The R.Crumb book is pretty cool, btw.

Thank you.

Kallan said...

Wow, some pretty vivid stuff going on there. I know what you mean about getting them down before you forget the details. I'm interested to see what you glean from them. The new book sounds amazing!
Funny, I've had two people in the last week asking me about why Jews don't believe in Jesus, and other questions about the difference between Judaism and xianity. It's a strange time for sure. Love you bunches!

k. sequoia said...

Wow, FWIW, Dream 2: I was hit by it's somewhat shamanistic qualities. Being gutted in that sense is sometimes a form of, or call to, an initiation in one's life or pathwork.

All the more considering who this person presents as, symbolically speaking, for you. Did they challenge you? Coddle you? Anything left unfinished or were they there when a life cycle began?

(The imagery of 'initiating' you and then finishing off their role, something no longer needed?, is striking.)

.02! Dream true,

Kim Sequoia @redhandferi

Bridgett said...

Is this the time of year for vivid dreams? I've been having some crazy ones lately.

I'd love to have them analyzed....

Lavanah said...

This does tend to be a time of vivid dreams, Bridgett. And, you may have noticed that I've gotten several very different ways of looking at these dreams from my friends. As Mark Stavish once said (in my presence, but not to me) whom you choose to analyze your dreams goes a long way toward your idea of what they (should) mean.

I also found it interesting that no one noted that the Matriarch Rebecca was missing from the last dream...