Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bat Cookies 2

Yes, it is the time of the bat cookies!

(I am really ready for life to slow down, in fact, if my life would slow down to the speed that this computer has been hitting lately, I'd be pretty happy. But then everyone around me would be as frustrated with me as I am with this computer.)

But the traditional bat cookies have been baked. Some will go to school with my daughter. Some will go to the after trick or treating block party. Some might even get eaten here.

Tomorrow, if the Gods are kind, and it actually isn't raining, I will decorate the outside of the house for Halloween. Which pretty much means that I will take the skeleton arms decorations my brother in law bought for me and use them to block off the walk to the front door, so that the trick or treaters will know to come to the kitchen door. Any other decorating will want until sundown on the 31st and will consist of lighting candles.

That's it. Just candles on the porch. Some in glass pillars, and some in the Jack O'Lanterns. In a world of plastic gravestones and blow-up pumpkins and animatronic witches and strings of orange lights, it is amazing just how frightened some children can get of a house with a few candles. But then, as one mother said last year, we are the witch house.


Another said...

Yeah! :-)

One of my favorite things about holiday is making cookies! Oh, and eating them, of course ! :-)

Bridgett said...

Are things settling down now?

I hope you had a blessed Samhain. :)

Those bat cookies look awesome!


Lavanah said...

Interestingly enough, Bridgett, even though I am looking at the start of the "crazy holidays rush" season, I feel much calmer. The changing psychic tides are flowing in synch with me for a change, I guess.