Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And the subject is...Books

Anne Johnson, blogger extraordinaire at The Gods Are Bored, has just started teaching English in an, ahem, less than well funded city high school. The readers of Practically Magic, the writer of Practically Magic, and very nearly everyone I know, reads, memorizes, writes, scribbles in, lives with, hell, goes to bed with books. Anne has walked into a classroom that is nearly devoid of books, especially those that might appeal to boys (RO, sweetie, this is one time that the claim of sexism just won't hold-how many teenage boys do you know that will willingly read the "Sweet Valley High" series?).

You can read Anne's post here:
If you can contribute something to her classroom, please do so. And, if you are so inclined, ask an English teacher or two in a school local to you, you might be surprised (and horrified) at what the classrooms are lacking.

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