Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy First Day of 2009

DH, Younger Daughter (somehow, a very Asian way of referring to her) and I had a lovely, and to us, traditional bringing in of the new year. We had a collection of snacky, delicious and bad for us finger foods, a few bottles of bubbly drink (a bottle of champagne for me, several bottles of sparkling apple cider for the DH and the daughter) and a movie. This year, the movie was Hogfather. When shutting down the computer afterwards, I found this link in my email, from my sister:

How very cool (and amusing), my sister had no idea what movie we had been watching, nor does she enjoy Terry Pratchetts oeuvre.

So...Plans and Resolutions for 2009

Bring more organization into my life. Hecate said it far better than I can, here:

and, in sub headings, clean out my pantry (so things will stop falling on DH), organize my grocery shopping (coupons!) better.

Write more real letters.

Pick up the phone and make arrangements to meet and see people, rather than waiting for someone else to make the first move. I love that I've met so many interesting people through the web and email, but what I really want is the ability to actually sit down and talk and hang out with interesting people.

Work on my Planetary Tinctures project. This will take me the better part of the year, in any case, since I will start each tincture when the sun is in the sign ruled by the planet that I will be working with. It is already proving to be an interesting project.

Work on what I need to do to experience those occasions of complete and unified knowing of the immanence of the Divine. The memory of those moments I have experienced glow in me, but they are far fewer than I would wish for.

2008 ended far happier than 2007 ended. And 2009 started far more happily than 2008 started. This is a progression that I intend to encourage.


Concha said...

I wish you all the best in the new year. Seems like 2009 will be great for spellwork since there is alot of new events happening with the planets.

Lavanah said...

Thank you. May it be so, for you, too. You have a pretty cool blog, I look forward to reading some more of it.