Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Circle in August

DH climbed up on the roof to get new pictures of the circle. This is not one of them. (yes, love, I will post those, too) This is a picture of my namesake (or maybe I am hers/his) entering the circle.


Frater BH said...

how cool is that! I'd love such a place even though I have my own indoor

Lavanah said...

We have indoor space, too. But what we've learned in the two years since we planted this, is that the indoor and the outdoor spaces serve different purposes. But it is really cool. :)

My Gal said...

That is GREAT! I love the bunny pics too. You can just feel the whole thing move from here! There is just something about being outside that just makes some things work better :) It must be wonderful when it cools a bit and gorgeous in the snow.