Monday, July 28, 2008

Some time ago, I complained that any messages I was receiving in my dreams were too cryptic, and that I would appreciate if they were stated in simple English prose. Well, I haven’t gotten that far, yet, but there is progress. Hebrew, not English, and certainly not prose, but I get a sense that something is being spelled out for me.

Since the beginning of the year, I've been having dreams that take place in high schools. These are not, thankfully, your standard nightmares about not remembering locker combinations or math tests. In each and every one of these dreams, I am an adult, walking through schools that while in use, are complete dystopian wrecks. Since the beginning of July, these dreams have become even more frequent, coming every second or third night.

Late last week, I finally made it into one of the classrooms. There was a huge board on the wall, but not a blackboard-it was an orange board. It was filled with Hebrew letters that kept hopping and moving around. The only letters I could make out were Aleph and Shin. I woke up annoyed that I couldn't read any more of the letters and that they wouldn't stay in place-I was trying to make out and read words.

Two nights ago, I found myself staring at the same board, this time the only letters I could make out (and they kept shifting order) were Ayin, Nun and Yod (DH’s comment was “No Resh?” No, no Resh).

Some thoughts on this. If I add up the values of the letters for each of the nights, and then reduce that to a single digit (yes, yes, I know that is mixing methodologies) the value is the same for both nights 4. Which is Dalet. Dalet is on the 14th path, between Chokmah and Binah, it does not touch the Middle Pillar. The Tarot card for the 14th path is key 3, the Empress.

If I take the Tarot key associated with each letter, and add up the numbers of the Tarot cards for each night, and then reduce that, I get 3, which is the Empress card, Dalet. So I suspect that there is something here that I should be paying attention to (but no simple English prose, yet!)

Another thing noted. In the last month or so, we have had flocks of sparrows around our house-an inordinate amount. The sparrow is one of the birds associated with the Empress Card, along with the Dove and the Peacock.

And one more thing before I go off to bed, hoping for information. All of these letters that have shown up in my dreams are on paths that touch the Middle Pillar of the Tree. But not all of them-Yesod is not represented here. Is that because I am Lavanah? (insert small smile, here)


Brother Red said...

Dystopian dreams signal a Goetic entity to me, something from the underworld. All my Goetic spirit dreams have been set in dystopic environments, usually in what looks like Chicago, but the El is some kind of open-air roller coaster that takes everyone everywhere, but the cars are the stripped frames of the regular trains.

My Gal said...

Well let me try to muddle through this without abusing you with my bad Hebrew interpretations :) Shin being the eternal flame and also one of the Crowned letters, moving on the 31st path from Malkuth to our lovely ORANGE Hod might represent part of your personal journey. The card for us crazy Thelemites is the Aeon and represents the crowned and conquering child in all of us. The fact that Aleph, the Logos, shows up is entertaining. Moving along that great path 11 ( nice magickian reference there...) from Keter to Chochmah is a Fools journey, but one we all take. Perhaps you should ask the cards next time you are in your astral temple. They can be quite chatty on the right days :)

Lavanah said...

I find it absolute fascinating that those who work primarily in one way see through that lense, while others see through their own focus. I picked up on most of the points that you've made MG, and also was wondering if Shin (which has shown up again)had anything to do with my salamander or whatever it was that had the salamander appear. Although, shin means tooth, and the dream also had something to do with cookies and brownies-so who knows?

RO-it wasn't so much that the dreams were dystopian-I wasn't unhappy or upset in them for the most part-except for one instance when there was a fire (fire again!) and I couldn't reach the fire alarm. Now, how would I research Goetic entities for something like this?