Sunday, October 5, 2014

Breaking Radio Silence

...ever so briefly.

I've just returned from Crucible.  As always, Arthur put together a highly informative, well run and fun gathering. The only dramas (at least that I was aware of) were of the more or less scripted variety.  I learned stuff.  I hung out with friends.  I met new people that I certainly hope will become friends in the future.  I got a couple of "hey, pay attention!" flicks from the Universe.  Nothing that would raise welts or create bruises, mind you, but just in case I didn't pay sufficient attention, the Sunday newspaper, waiting for me at home had a reminder.  Jow and I had a very significant talk (although I doubt he realized the significance; I certainly did not at the time) about gates, doorways and silence, while standing at the bar at a very noisy party.  I got to drink some of Deb's home made cordial.  And during some quiet, contemplative time on the ride home, I did get some insight into some of my own behavior.

All in all, a nearly perfect magical conference weekend.  (what kept it from being perfect?  Those, baby, are my issues!)

I've no idea if this means that there will be a return to writing or not.  But I am certainly not going to sweat it.

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Soror Gimel said...

Yay! Welcome back :)